Changing the World with Qmunity: A Partnership For The Ages

Changing the World with Qmunity: A Partnership For The Ages

Hey-yo Monsters,

We've got some great news to kick off our spooky season - we're conjuring an amazing partnership with Qmunity! 

"Why this partnership", you may ask.

Well when I look at the news and see how many LGBTQ+ people are still being persecuted against and having their rights taken away; I knew I had to try my best to help out. These issues hit close to home, as I have only fairly recently accepted my sexuality and gender identity. And seeing so many people, young and old, having their lives impacted from bigotry, I knew that I wanted to help out. And what better way to do that then to help BC's leading force for change and inclusivity.




Meet Qmuniy: a 2SLGBTQIA+ charity that provides services to Queer folk in British Columbia, through affordable therapy, resources, advocacy, and community.

Whether you are young and finding your identity, or older and in need for support, Qmunity has you covered.

One particular service of Qmunity that I'm impressed by, is their Trans ID Clinic. Here is where lower-income families can find support for getting name, and gender marker changes to their government identification.

Our ideals and values align exponentially with Qmunity, which is why we will be donating a portion of each sale to Qmunity starting October 2023. And look out, we are planning some special limited edition items that are dedicated to charity work!

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