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The Full Story

My name is Amber-Jade and I adore everything weird, creepy, spooky, and fun. Ever since I was little, I've been drawn to dark and Gothic things. There's something magical and fascinating about things that push the boundaries of normal. Creepy folklore, death, decay, darkness; all these things are generally seen as taboo despite how common they are. But I love that tons of people are embracing these topics and are being true to what they think is interesting!

For this reason, I've embraced the word 'Monster' since to me that is the personification of weird, dark, and taboo. And even monsters need some self care. Especially things that match our carefully curated spaces and looks.

Why the Manticore though, you may ask.

Manticores are an amalgamation of many different creatures. Human, lion, scorpion, and even dragon. They are big scary monsters, yet even they must rest sometimes. Just like Manticores, those that are alternative may look scary, but they are multifaceted and
deserve some love and care too!

With Manticore Handmade, I want to elevate the alternative community. I strive to provide the best handmade products while supporting all parts of the community. And as a queer POC, add representation in alternative business!