Manticore Handmade now provides wholesale and white-label services
throughout Canada and the USA!

Fill out the contact form below to get more details, see our line-sheets, and submit a request for a quote. As we branch out to more wholesale channels, you will see them listed below.


    All retail items, including candles, are sold per unit.

    Please view our Retail Catalog for a comprehensive list of our available selection.

    Each listing will include a product breakdown, wholesale price, and MSRP.


    Minimum order quantity for retail items are 6 units.

    Minimum order quantity for white-label items is 1 case, 24 units.


    We offer white-label options for our candles.

    Every candle automatically comes with an English and French label on the bottom with the scent.

    Candle specs:
    Total volume: 195 g / 6.8 oz

    Fragrance load: 10%

    Lid colour: Black or White

    Fragrance options:
    Lily of the Valley, French Vanilla, Musk, Cucumber, Lavender, Orange Ginger Type, Woodland Themes, Red Rose, Violet, Pumpkin Patch, Honey, Green Tea & White Pear, Absinthe

    *if you would like a fragrance not included on this list, contact us and we will find a scent that suits your needs


    We do participate in consignment contracts! If you are interested in selling Manticore Handmade products in your store on consignment, fill out the form below!

    Our current clients and locations are listed in the 'Events & Retail' Locations tab.

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