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Fairy Ring Luxury Wax Brittle 100g

Fairy Ring Luxury Wax Brittle 100g

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They whisper in your ears "come play and be merry!" Tiny figures dance among the rings of wet leaves, mushrooms, and peculiar lilies. Will you step inside the Fairy Ring to play?


Fairy Ring is crafted with a custom blend of wooden forests after the rain and lily of the valley for a mystical retreat. Inspired by the dark fables of dangerous of fairy rings that lead to new dimensions.


Here at Manticore Handmade, we ensure that all of our wax brittles are made with the best sustainable palm wax. Handmade and crafted with gorgeous mica coloured swirls in small batches. Perfect for goths, the darkly inclined, and anyone alternative that does not want the risk of an open flame in their home!


And remember, rest your inner monster~


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