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Lush Catacomb, 3 oz Room Spray

Lush Catacomb, 3 oz Room Spray

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As the scent of French Vanilla wafts below the surface of Paris, it meets the sacred pools of the dead. The dance of sweet life and death's Musk. This is the secret of the Lush Catacomb.


Lush Catacomb is crafted with a custom blend of sweet french vanilla and complex musk. Inspired by the gorgeous yet spooky pools resting within the Paris Catacombs.


Here at Manticore Handmade, we ensure that all our room sprays are made with the finest ingredients. Handmade and crafted with our crystal clear formula in small batches. And with our dark and sleek design, our sprays can fit seamlessly into any Gothic or alternative aesthetic. 


Pump 2-3 sprays into a small-mid sized room and enjoy the fragrance, or spritz it onto fabrics and clothes for a lovely scent anywhere~


Keep out of reach of children and pets! Not for consumption!
And remember, rest your inner monster~


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